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Here to help you learn more about your child and overcome any challenges coming your way as a parent and build your confidence! I can tell you now, that you can live a happy and calm family life whilst still getting all you want from life! 

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My only regret is not finding Kate sooner. The most kind and supportive person. I felt so low and lost and that I couldn’t cope, only after 1 visit from Kate that all changed. The support plan was so detailed and helped us more then we could have hoped. We asked Kate to come out a couple more times to help us with the plan. My daughter absolutely loves her, we felt like we had known her for years. She’s so comforting to be around, she’s listens and understands everything. If you are needing some help with your little ones I cannot recommend Kate enough


This lady was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Kate reached out to me when she saw my post struggling with my daughters sleep. I was at my wits end and didn’t even feel like a human.

Kate created a report about my daughter and her sleeping habits and set to work.

She created a gentle sleep plan to tweak things such a mood lights, book reading, comforters, change in settle down time.

Kate worked with me and checked in on me for weeks and it made such a huge difference.

I really can’t thank Kate enough for her incredible work and support


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